The People Behind Oscar Shorts

The Oscars! Everybody’s talking about them, especially the mix-up for best feature film at the end. Instead of focussing on the show of the Academy Awards, I want to talk about the filmmakers who made the art that we were celebrating–specifically the makers of shorts.

Alan Barillaro was the director and producer of Piper, winner of the Academy Award for best animated short. Kistóf Deák directed the Oscar winning live action short film, Sing. The director of the Academy Award winning documentary short subject, The White Helmets, is Orlando von Einsiedal.


Alan Barillaro was is a Canadian born filmmaker that worked on their Oscar-winning film with producer Mark Soundheimer. He is one of the most well-known, and most interviewed, of these directors. He was interviewed and featured on a numbered of media outlets, like the Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, and Business Insider.

He has worked on other shorts and feature film during his time with Pixar as an animator. He even supervising animator in WALL-E, but Piper was the first project of Barillaro as the director and writer. Image result for kristof deak

Kristóf Deák is a filmmaker from Budapest, Hungary and splits his time between his hometown and London, England.

According to his website, he got involved in film through his passion for music and a job as an editor. He has worked on two other short films, Losing It and The Boss. Deák also has a couple music videos and a television series in his portfolio as well as a personal Vimeo that he uses to promote his projects.

Image result for orlando von einsiedel

Orlando von Einsideal is another director that has gained public attention. He is an employee of Gain Media, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

He has worked with some very notable companies and people in the film industry like Netfilx, Google, Leonardo DiCaprio. Most of his work has been documentaries, like his Award Winning short documentary The White Helmets, but he has done other projects for companies.

Watching the final product of a short film is important, but we shouldn’t forget about the directors behind them.They’ve often dedicated years of their life to these projects, and it is important to recognize the work that they commit to their films.

*Pictures curtesy of Google Images


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