In-Person Resources for Student Filmmakers

As a student filmmaker, it can be hard to find places and people that share a passion for filmmaking. Unless you’re in a film degree at your college or attending a filmmaking school, finding a group that nurtures a creative environment can be quite hard. Here are a couple resources that I’ve compiled for the student filmmaker to go and create content with other students passionate about film.

1.Campus Movie Festival

Campus Movie Festival Logo

This is the most well known filmmaking resource for college students that I have come across. It was founded by David Roemer, Dan Costa, Ajay Pillarisetti and Vijay Makar, then-students going to Emory University. Since its start in 2001, Campus Movie Festival (CMF) has grown and now boasts millions of competing students from 30 participating colleges.

To be able to submit your short film, your crew must be made up entirely of undergraduate students from your university, but your cast can contain people not attending your school. Your short film can be no longer than five minutes (including credits) and can be made on personal equipment or equipment lent out by CMF. Equipment that can be borrowed includes a DSLM camera, microphones, tripods, Macbook with the Adobe Creative Cloud downloaded on it, and more.

The combination of providing equipment and a creative environment to students, CMF is a phenomenal, yearly opportunity for students to develop their voice as filmmakers.

Here are some examples of award-winning films from different participating universities:

University of Florida 2017: Jury Award, Silver Tripod Winner-Performance and Story


Atlanta University Center 2017: Silver Tripod Winner-Story

Easy Pickings

2.Film Analysis Clubs

In any university with a liberal arts college or a fine arts college, you will probably be able to find a film analysis club. At this club you will be able to find people passionate about film and the meaning behind the stories that they present. Its a great place to meet people who like to pick apart movies, and talking to these people will get you thinking critically of how you view and create films.

Here you can find some examples of Film Analysis Clubs:

Hunter College: Film and Media Club

Florida State University: The Film Club

3.Experimental Film Clubs

These clubs are a bit harder to find a universities than film analysis clubs. They are founded by students that want to push the limits of production and create films in ways that they haven’t seen before. This type of club will allow you creative freedom and technical practice with equipment, a cast and a crew. It’ll also push the limits and re-invent the post-production process.

Here are a few universities that do offer experimental film clubs:

The University of Oklahoma: Student Film Production Club

Columbia College-Chicago: Experimental Film Society
I hope these have helped you find a stepping-off point to find a way to meet people who love film just as much as you do and given you an idea of where to look for help with production.

Good luck filming.


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