Underrated Film Schools

Just like college, going to film school isn’t for everybody. However, if you do decide that getting an education in film is something you want to do, you’re going to want something worth your time and money.

It is well-known by many that New York City and Los Angeles are the two major cities in the United States to go to get involved with the film industry, so many people will flock there to go to get educated. There are a number of great schools in NYC and LA, but here are a few places you can get educated in film elsewhere.

Ithaca College


Located in Ithaca, New York, Ithaca College will be the only college mentioned in this post that is in the same state as either NYC or LA. I wanted to stay away from those two states, but Ithaca College provides the opportunity to several degrees and opportunities in film. For that reason, I decided to include it in the list.

Ithaca College has undergraduate programs in Cinema and Photography; Documentary Studies and Production; Film, Photography and Digital Arts; and Writing for Film, TV and Emerging Media. There is also a minor and non-major coursework available.

Colorado Film School


Colorado Film School is located in the city of Denver and offers undergraduate programs in Screenwriting, Writing and Producing, Writing and Director, Acting and Directing, Cinematography, and Post-Production. Each program also has a shorter certificate track available.

Northwestern University


Located in Evanston, IL, Northwestern University offers a variety of different degrees, but the main major that filmmakers should take interest in is Radio, Television and Film. It’s offered as a degree that can be completed on a full-time student schedule or a part-time student schedule. Within the degree there are three areas of concentration: production, screenwriting and screen culture.

Florida State University


Florida State University is in the southern corner, farther from NYC and LA than any of the other colleges mentioned. It has a whole college dedicated to motion pictures with two intense undergraduate degrees–one is Animation and Digital Arts and the other is Production. They both have strict, rigorous four-year schedules.

I hope this helps with your decision for your educational future. Formal education isn’t for everybody, and that’s fine. Some people do decide to go to secondary education for film, and it’s important to know your options and what they offer. Good luck and happy shooting.


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