The sound of a camera shutter has followed me around since I was a child. My mother loved photography, and she had my brother and I as her (not always so willing) subjects to practice on.

As I got grew, I graduated from disposable cameras from CVS to a small point-and-shoot I bought on my eleventh birthday and finally to my mom’s DSLR that she got as a gift from my step-dad.

It was in high school that I discovered film, and I fell in love. The variety of genres and styles of filmmaking intrigued me, and I became particularly fascinated with short films.

I love their simplicity, and I have developed a healthy respect for the filmmakers that able to convey their message in a condensed time period.

This blog is dedicated to celebrating the people behind the camera, the ones that often go unrecognized. They are the ones that think-up and put in motion the films. They follow it through every step and ensure its delivery to the screen.

This is for them.